A Tooth Requiring Extraction Might Be Restored by a Bridge

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If you’ve previously had a tooth knocked out or lost due to severe decay, this can seriously compromise your mouth. Alterations to your appearance, changes in the clarity of your speech, and decreased ability to chew food are just some of the early complications posed by tooth loss. In time, the void left between your teeth can lead to orthodontic and enamel attrition problems.

To prevent these problems, our experienced dentists at Woodruff Family Dental in Jonesboro, Arkansas can restore the missing tooth’s presence in your mouth by performing a bridge restoration. This generally requires two separate appointments.

At the first session, your dentist will examine the two adjacent teeth to the void to ensure they are completely healthy. Next, he will remove the tooth enamel from the two neighboring teeth on each side of the void. This leaves behind a pair of abutments that will later serve as anchor points for your permanent bridge.

An impression will then be created of the area which will be sent to an off-site dental lab. This will serve as a guide for them when custom making your final bridge. Once this is done, temporary crowns are secured over each abutment to protect them.

When your permanent bridge is ready, you will be called back in for a brief follow-up appointment to cement it into place. Once the dental adhesive has fully cured, your new bridge will restore the missing incisor for many years to come.

If you live in the Jonesboro, Arkansas area and you have suffered a severe dental fracture, you should not delay in calling 870-972-8190 to seek dental care with our team. Dr. Tim Woodruff, Dr. Randy Woodruff, and Dr. Robert Kaloghirou look forward to helping you restore your healthy smile!