Dental Sealants: Are They Worth It?

Dental Sealants: Are They Worth It?

Posted by WOODRUFF FAMILY DENTISTRY on Jan 2 2023, 03:26 AM

Dental sealants are a preventative treatment designed to protect teeth from decay or cavities. Although they are often compared to fluoride treatments, dental sealants are a thin coating that is applied to the surface of the teeth. This coating is designed to block food particles and bacteria from getting into the tiny grooves of the teeth, where plaque can build up and cause decay.

Dental sealants are commonly recommended for children, although adults can benefit from the treatment as well. Once treatment with dental sealants has been completed, patients should still brush and floss their teeth regularly in order to maintain good oral health. While daily brushing and flossing are ideal, this may not be possible for some patients due to physical limitations such as arthritis. In these cases, supplemental oral care solutions such as anti-bacterial mouth rinses and Waterpik toothbrushes may be more appropriate than regular brushing.

It is important to note that dental sealants do not last forever and must be replaced every several years. Patients are often reminded to return for their next appointment once the sealants have come loose or are showing signs of wear and tear. However, some sealants can last for up to ten years or more, depending on how well they are maintained. For this reason, it is important for patients to keep track of when they need to schedule their follow-up appointments so that their teeth remain protected.

Benefits of Sealants

One of the best ways to protect your smile from tooth decay is with dental sealants. These thin, plastic coatings are painted onto the chewing surfaces of your back teeth to protect them against food and bacteria that can get trapped in those tiny grooves. The coating fills in the grooves so that plaque and bacteria can’t hide there. In fact, studies show that just by adding dental sealants in just two back teeth, you can prevent up to 80% of cavities!

This is especially important for kids who tend to be more susceptible to cavities because they tend to have poor brushing habits and are more likely to eat a lot of sugary foods and drinks. However, even adults can benefit from sealants because they can help protect their teeth.

There are a number of benefits of getting dental sealants in addition to protecting your teeth from decay. These benefits include:

  • Preventing the need for fillings or other repairs on the biting surface of your tooth.
  • Protecting the tooth enamel. That’s the outermost layer of the tooth, which protects the sensitive inner layers. Without protection, you could develop tooth sensitivity or experience other dental issues because the inner layers of the tooth can become exposed.
  • Decreasing your risk of needing a tooth pulled in the future. If you leave a tooth that has untreated decay for too long, it could need to be removed so that you can save your smile from more serious damage. By preventing decay, you could save your tooth from needing to be removed in the first place.

If you’re interested in getting dental sealants to protect your teeth, call our dental office today to schedule a consultation with us. We’ll look over your teeth and gums to make sure you’re a good candidate for sealants, and then you’ll be able to start enjoying all the benefits they provide. Call (870) 972-8190 to schedule your appointment as soon as possible. Come see us at 2800 Enterprise Cv, Jonesboro, AR 72401, or send us an email.

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