Oral Health Strategies: Oral Cancer Screenings

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Your smile is always a risk for dental damage, so it is important to have protective plans in place to protect your teeth as much as possible. This includes prevention plans and preemptive procedures including oral cancer screenings. Due to the risks of oral cancer in all individuals, it is essential to always look for signs and symptoms of its presence. Each year in America, over 42,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral and throat cancer. Of those individuals, the five-year survival rate is slightly more than 64%. Thus, it is important to have treatment as soon as it is found. Be aware of any common signs and symptoms to indicate oral cancer is present.

One of the most common signs of oral cancer is unexplained bleeding in your mouth that continues to occur. Although it may be linked to another underlying health condition, if you continue to suffer from unexplained bleeding or persistent sores in your face, neck or mouth area, bleed easily and wounds do not heal after 2 weeks, it may be possible oral cancer is present.

Frequent underlying issues associated with oral cancer include visual clues such as rotations in the way your dentures or teeth fit together, swellings, lumps, bumps, eroded areas, rough patches or speckled spots in your mouth. Furthermore, if you experience any unexplained bleeding or numbness as well as a loss of feeling in your facial areas, chronic sore throats, a change in your voice or if you suffer from dramatic weight loss, it may be linked to oral cancer.

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