The Serious Oral Threat of Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is more well-known by its less formal name of gum disease, and it’s a gum infection and inflammation typically caused by tartar at the gum line. However, gum disease can also be exacerbated by factors such as tobacco use and certain medical conditions. Understanding the serious threat that... Read more »

A Dental Crown Might Be Called for to Restore a Compromised Front Tooth

There are several different types of teeth in the front of your mouth, this includes incisors, bicuspids, and canines. While they certainly play an important role in your oral function for biting off pieces of food, they also have a presence in the appearance of your smile. If one of... Read more »

A Tooth Damaged by Chronic Night Grinding Needs to Be Repaired by a Dentist

Some adults will unconsciously grind their teeth while sleeping as a result of chronic, untreated stress. The strong clenching of jaw muscles and the excessive force of grinding can lead to several different oral health problems. Early on, it can cause chips and minor dental fractures on multiple teeth. This... Read more »

Maximizing Your Smile With the Invisalign® System

Although many people associate braces, or even orthodontics with middle school and high school students, the fact is that many adults are straightening their teeth these days. However, not everyone is interested in traditional braces. Adults may not feel comfortable in social or professional situations with a mouthful of metal.... Read more »

The Fight Against Halloween Cavities

Halloween is quickly approaching, and though your little ghouls and ghosts may want to feast on the spoils of their trick-or-treating with abandon, Dr. Tim Woodruff and our team recommend against it. To prevent cavities at this time of year, form a plan. This plan should protect your little monster’s... Read more »

The Connection Between Medications and your Oral Health

Do you require oral health care treatments to correct issues with your teeth and gums? In many situations, medications can be used to assist in the recovery from any procedures that may be required, including tooth extraction recovery. However, exercise caution when taking medications, as they can produce side effects that... Read more »

Can Your Oral Health Be Improved with Sleep Apnea Treatments?

If you suffer from sleep apnea, your oral health and your overall well-being will suffer. The disorder is very difficult to detect though, mainly because we are asleep when it occurs, so it can go untreated for many years. If a sleep partner or roommate has ever pointed out that... Read more »

Tips on How to Properly Brush Your Smile

Your smile deserves to be properly cared for. Unfortunately, it’s quite easy to use improper oral hygiene techniques when cleaning the teeth and gums. This can irritate and even harm the smile. So, to help you give your smile the care it deserves, Dr. Tim Woodruff and our dental team... Read more »

Jaw Pain and Your Oral Health Care

Jaw pain can occur at any time and in many forms. In some cases, it may be due to anything from blunt trauma to overuse and wear and tear. If you do suffer from jaw or facial pain, consider the use of specialized treatments. The benefits of jaw and facial... Read more »

Tooth Replacement Options For Your Smile

Are you missing teeth? If those teeth are not replaced, the spaces left behind can destabilize your gums and cause nearby teeth to shift and slide out of position. Additionally, the empty spaces in your smile provide a breeding ground for bacteria and plaque. You can shield your smile with... Read more »