Dental Crowns in Jonesboro, AR

A dental crown is a porcelain or metal cap that our dentist places over a tooth to protect it or improve its appearance. If you have had a root canal operation, if your tooth has been weakened by a significant cavity, or if your tooth has a serious chip or discoloration that detracts from its appearance, our dentist may propose a crown. If you've had any of these tooth difficulties, contact Woodruff Family Dental to learn how our dentist can help you get a dental crown. A dental crown can last 5 to 15 years, and frequently longer if properly cared for.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped, custom-made 'cap' that is placed over a tooth to protect it or to improve its appearance. Dental crowns are used to restore the shape, size, and strength of a tooth, as well as to improve its overall appearance.

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

Procedure for Dental Crowns

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