The Connection Between Medications and your Oral Health

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Do you require oral health care treatments to correct issues with your teeth and gums? In many situations, medications can be used to assist in the recovery from any procedures that may be required, including tooth extraction recovery. However, exercise caution when taking medications, as they can produce side effects that can be detrimental to your oral health.

One of the worst side effects that can be produced from medications for your smile is dry enough. Dry mouth is a common, yet severe condition that arises that can increase your risk for many oral ailments including tooth decay and gum disease. However, dry mouth can be treated or avoided if you know which medications produce it as a side effect. As always, speak with your dentist.

Consulting with your dentist is always a wise idea for any oral health care tips that you may need. If you wish to buy your medications over-the-counter and in a store, speak with your dentist to ensure the products you are selecting are safe for your smile.

Medications can lead to oral health disorders if you are not careful.  If you need a dentist in Jonesboro, Arkansas, you can book an appointment at Woodruff Family Dental with Dr. Tim Woodruff at our dentist office, by contacting us at 870-972-8190. We would love to bring you in for an oral exam and make teeth and gums as good as new!