Tooth Replacement Options For Your Smile

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Are you missing teeth? If those teeth are not replaced, the spaces left behind can destabilize your gums and cause nearby teeth to shift and slide out of position. Additionally, the empty spaces in your smile provide a breeding ground for bacteria and plaque. You can shield your smile with a variety of tooth replacement options.

– Dental bridges are designed to be extremely durable, aesthetically pleasing, and completely functional tooth replacements. They are kept in place by attaching them to nearby teeth.

– Dental implants are very popular for tooth replacement. They are placed directly into your jawbone, and the bone then grows to support the implant over time. With proper care, a dental implant can withstand a lifetime of wear and tear.

– Dentures can replace one tooth or an entire row of teeth. They can be easily removed for cleaning and care. Dentures use brackets or a bonding material to hold them in place.

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