Understanding TMJs

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Preventing a TMJ disorder from arising includes understanding its causes and minimizing the risks involved. A TMJ disorder is an oral health condition in which damage to your temporomandibular joints, also commonly known as your TMJs, has occurred. If damage has occurred to your TMJs, you may experience issues with your oral health due to a downturn in your mouth’s movements and potential pain that could arise. Furthermore, it can even lead to dental damage in the form of damaged teeth and gums.

In order to keep your mouth safe, it’s important to be aware of the risks associated with TMJ disorders. If you have a TMJ disorder, it is most likely to have been caused by an underlying condition of your body that also needs to be treated. Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, along with other issues affect the way your jaw and teeth alignment are set and can prove harmful to your oral health and lead to TMJ disorders. Furthermore, constantly chewing gum, chewing on your nails and biting into tough and chewy foods are all common risk factors for TMJ disorders. Arthritis and dislocations can also add to the risk.

If you’re suffering from a TMJ disorder, various treatments can be applied. To help alleviate pain, consider the use of heat pack. To help lower inflammation, use an ice pack. Speak with your dentist about medications that can be used, including pain relievers and muscle relaxants. You may want to also build up your jaw by eating softer foods and practicing jaw-strengthening exercises. To help alleviate pressure linked to a TMJ disorder, visit your dentist for a night guard or bite plate.

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