Dental Wax-Up in Jonesboro, AR

The dental wax-up is a method or process that allows the practitioner to properly visualize their patients' genuine restorative needs. It is most likely our profession's most effective working tool. At Woodruff Family Dental, we recognize the actual worth of this service to our patients. We can share our knowledge and offer advice on materials, case design, sequencing, equilibration, and cost estimates. 

What Is a Dental Wax-Up?

A wax-up is a three-dimensional model of the mouth made from impressions that is an accurate reproduction of the patient's teeth. This allows the dentist to see what procedures may be required and how the completed product will look. This is the most efficient method for achieving the greatest results since it lets the dentist take their time with the wax-up, ensuring that the job is visually acceptable.

Aesthetics are very important in cosmetic work, but functionality is also quite vital. This is where the wax-up comes into play, as it allows a dentist to conduct operations like veneers and crowns without compromising the patient's bite.

Another typical application for wax-up is to create temporary veneers, crowns, and bridges that will completely match the final product. This allows the patient to determine whether or not they are satisfied with the appearance and feel of their new teeth before proceeding with any procedures. The final product can be developed if the patient is satisfied with the wax-up.

Types of Diagnostic Wax-up

Generally, depending on the severity of the problem, our dental expert may recommend one of four types of diagnostic wax-ups:


Used to create a comprehensive treatment plan for restorative procedures. Waxing is performed sparingly and only in regions that require restoration.

Full Contour

When the treatment plan incorporates contours and aesthetics. When compared to the basic wax-up, more wax is utilized, and it is a desirable operation when the patient is wanting to restore missing teeth.

Case Presentation

The most typical method for displaying a result and presenting it to the patient.


Provides dental practitioners with a visual picture of the patient's dental state, allowing for improved treatment planning. It is a detailed representation of the supplied situation and is utilized as a tool for communication between dental and lab professionals.

Dental wax-ups are convenient and useful for planning any changes you intend to make to your smile. To learn more about dental wax-ups in Jonesboro, Arkansas, or to schedule a consultation with our professional dentists, call 870-972-8190 or stop by 2800 Enterprise Cv, Jonesboro, AR 72401.


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