Intraoral Cameras in Jonesboro, AR

One of the many dental advancements utilized in assessing and treating oral health problems is the intraoral camera. It allows you and our dentist to do an intraoral close-up examination of the various structures inside your mouth. An intraoral camera has a light source that allows the dentist and patient to observe the exterior structures of the teeth, gums, and buccal cavity. Our experienced dentists at Woodruff Family Dental employ intraoral cameras to obtain a clearer view inside your mouth. The intraoral camera, which takes high-quality pictures, enables our dentists to analyze all of the difficult-to-reach areas of your mouth and provide you with a more accurate, thorough diagnosis while causing no discomfort.

What Are Intraoral Cameras?

Intraoral cameras are small digital cameras approximately the size of a pen that may connect to a huge screen to display real-time photos when a mouth is examined. This technology assists in educating our patients by presenting them with information that allows them to quickly comprehend the state of their dental health. A bright LED attached to the intraoral camera aids in the diagnosis of cavities, fractures, and other problems that would be difficult to perceive with the naked eye.

What Are the Uses of the Intraoral Camera?

Patients who are at high risk for oral cancer, such as heavy alcohol users and smokers, are checked for it. The camera is used to detect lesions or tumors that could indicate mouth cancer. Photos from this screening are transmitted to a cancer specialist for a more accurate assessment and diagnosis of the patient's oral health.

Intraoral cameras are commonly used by dental hygienists and dentists to educate patients about their oral health. The camera allows the patient to see the status of his or her teeth, which helps the dentist address the disease condition and how it can be avoided.

It aids in persuading the patient to undergo dental treatments that would help restore and rescue the patient's teeth or gums from destruction. The camera's films and photographs will aid the dentist in discussing the disease condition of the teeth or gums, as well as how the planned dental treatment would assist control the issue. This will help to reassure people who are nervous about the next dental operation.

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