Nitrous Oxide Sedation in Jonesboro, AR

This form of sedation dentistry is both safe and well-established. It has a calming impact and allows the patient to stay alert, in control, and able to speak. The gas reduces anxiety, raises a patient's pain threshold, and reduces saliva flow and an overactive gag reflex, which can be caused by stress. Nitrous oxide is an excellent choice for any of our patients who have dental anxiety or phobia. Our team at Woodruff Family Dental is concerned with your well-being, and we want you to feel calm and comforted during your visit. If you are nervous because you are undergoing a new treatment, or if you simply detest the sounds and sights of the dental office, we may offer nitrous oxide to help you relax.

What Is Nitrous Oxide Sedation?

Nitrous oxide, a pleasant-smelling gas, is a nitrogen-oxygen combination that is inhaled using a nasal mask. It is referred to as "conscious sedation." You can speak and respond rationally. Its effects wear off within a minute or two of therapy. Nitrous oxide is frequently used in conjunction with local anesthetics during dental procedures such as fillings, crowns, and bridgework. It is particularly useful for regulating a gag reflex.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation Procedure

To begin the appointment, patients are encouraged to relax and lie back in the dentist's chair. The dentist will put a mask over the patient's nose and turn on the gas. Nitrous oxide has almost immediate effects. You will notice a light, pleasant perfume and feel a sensation of well-being and relaxation. Patients sometimes describe themselves as "dreamy," and their limbs and legs may feel "tingly."

Nitrous oxide also enhances the pain threshold and can make time seem to fly by. If you or your kid is afraid of the sights, noises, or sensations associated with dental treatment, nitrous oxide/oxygen may help. Nitrous oxide's effects wear off quickly, usually within minutes after the flow of gas is ceased. 

Advantages of Nitrous Oxide Sedation

No Need for Needles

Unlike other forms of sedation, nitrous oxide treatment does not necessitate the use of needles.

Improves Comfort

During treatment, nitrous oxide allows patients to feel relaxed and peaceful, boosting comfort and decreasing anxiety.

Simple to Administrate

Nitrous oxide can be simply delivered by wearing a breathing mask.


Because nitrous oxide can be easily monitored during sedation, it is a highly safe therapeutic approach.

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