Fluoride Supplements in Jonesboro, AR

Fluoride is the most effective and safest method of preventing tooth decay. Fluoride can be received from a variety of sources, including fluoridated community water, fluoride toothpaste, fluoride varnish, and fluoride supplements.

Fluoride supplements are advised for children aged 6 months to 16 years who have been confirmed to be at high risk for dental caries and whose major source of drinking water lacks the appropriate quantity of fluoride that is naturally found in water. Fluoride supplements, unlike dietary supplements, cannot be obtained over the counter. Fluoride supplements are only available with a prescription from a dentist. To learn more about the advantages of fluoride treatments, contact Woodruff Family Dental.

Types of Fluoride

Topical Fluoride Treatment

Topical fluoride treatments are given directly to the tooth or teeth's surface. Fluoride treatments can be obtained by over-the-counter mouthwashes, which may be suggested by our dentist if you are at high risk of getting cavities. Otherwise, for more effective treatments, our dentist will utilize a professional fluoride treatment in-office.

During your session, our dentist will apply fluoride treatment in the form of a foam or gel that will be placed within a disposable tray. The dentist will place the tray in your mouth for a few minutes at a time. In other circumstances, a varnish will be applied directly to the tooth rather than a gel or foam. The formulas utilized at our dentist's office are far more potent than those available at your local pharmacy for at-home treatment. 

Systemic Fluoride Treatment

Patients might choose a systemic fluoride treatment rather than having fluoride applied directly to their teeth. The term "systemic fluoride" refers to having fluoride improve your tooth enamel from within your body through consumption. This is especially beneficial for youngsters because fluoride is absorbed through the bloodstream and helps teeth strengthen as they grow. Fluoride is commonly consumed in a variety of forms, including fluoridated water and beverages, prescription fluoride supplements, and trace amounts of fluoride in food. 

The Benefits of Professional Fluoride Treatments

  • This is a preventative therapy that is intended to assist your body in naturally fighting tooth decay.
  • Topical fluoride treatments greatly strengthen the enamel of your teeth.
  • The formation of tiny cavities can be reversed with professional fluoride treatments.
  • Professional fluoride treatments are non-painful and do not discolor your teeth.

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