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Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that is characterized by frequent disruptions in breathing during the sleep cycle. These pauses in breathing, known as apneas, are produced by the collapse of soft tissue in the airway, preventing oxygen from reaching the lungs.

Sleep apnea affects the sleep cycle, affecting energy, mental performance, and long-term health. It's critical not to ignore potentially dangerous symptoms like snoring and excessive daytime sleepiness and to seek the advice of a sleep specialist. Treatment can help you obtain the rest you need to feel more like yourself every day. At Woodruff Family Dental, we realize how difficult sleep apnea may be, so we design sleep apnea treatments for your unique needs.

What Are Factors That Contribute to Snoring and Sleep Apnea?

Poor Tongue and Throat Muscle Tone

When muscles are overly relaxed, the tongue falls back into the airway or the throat muscles draw in from the sides into the airway. Sleep-inducing alcohol or medications may exacerbate muscular relaxation and blockage.

Excessive Bulkiness of Throat Tissue

Snoring is common in children who have large tonsils and adenoids. The excess soft tissue in the neck of obese people might cause airway constriction. Individuals with big tongues are more prone to snoring and OSA. Rare causes of airway narrowing include cysts and tumors.

Obstructed Nasal Airways

It takes more effort to suck air through a stuffy nose. This causes an increased vacuum in the throat, which draws the floppy tissues of the throat together. Snoring may occur only during allergy season, or when suffering from a cold or sinus infection. Snoring and OSA can also be caused by nose or nasal septum deformities, such as a deviated septum (a malformation of the wall that separates one nostril from the other).

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment

  • It all starts with a consultation at Woodruff Family Dental, where we will prescribe the best course of action.
  • After this session, you may be requested to do an at-home sleep test by a sleep specialist.
  • You may be equipped with a detachable oral device that adjusts the position of your jaw to relieve snoring or sleep apnea based on the results of the sleep test. 
  • Some non-medical snoring treatments, such as decreasing weight, modifying your sleeping position, and avoiding alcohol, coffee, large meals, and sedatives, may also help.

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