NTI TMJ Splints

The NTI is a splint that is used to treat TMJ conditions or bruxism. Both of these illnesses can produce severe jaw discomfort and headaches. An NTI splint may be recommended by our dentist to assist treat one of these issues. NTI is a type of mouthguard that fits over the bottom incisors, forming a barrier between your upper and lower teeth and preventing you from clenching your teeth. It's constructed of a translucent, rubbery material that's both comfy and unobtrusive. Most of the time, you will sleep with an NTI guard on. Our dentist at Woodruff Family Dental will evaluate how long you will need to wear an NTI splint. If you are experiencing headaches or pain as a result of TMJ or Bruxism, please contact us to schedule a consultation with our dentist.

What Is the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint that links the jaw to the skull. These joints provide for the movements required for speech, eating, and facial expression. TMJ dysfunction can result in pain, irregular jaw motions, and joint sounds. They are quite common.

TMJ Pain: What Causes It?

Your TMJ, like any other joint in your body, can be shattered. TMJ pain can be caused by grinding and clenching your teeth. TMD is more likely if you have difficulties with chronic TMJ pain.

What Is the NTI-TSS Splint?

The NTI-TSS is a custom-fitted night guard worn over the front teeth. It reduces jaw clenching and grinding, enabling the jaw muscles to relax and return to their natural position. This relieves stress on the TMJ and aids in the relief of headache and migraine discomfort.

What Are the Advantages of NTI-TSS Splint?

Bruxism, migraines, and TMJ dysfunction are all symptoms of jaw muscle or nerve dysfunction. The NTI-TSS device will stop your jaw's involuntary tug of war with its temporal muscles. This lessens the intensity of clenching or grinding by about one-third. Furthermore, the device encourages your muscles to relax in a secure position. In this manner, both you and your uncontrollable malfunctioning muscles will be allowed to relax. Typically, this removes migraines caused by bruxism as well as various types of discomfort caused by TMJ problems. 

Our dentist at Woodruff Family Dental can assist you in determining the source of your TMJ disorder and recommending the best therapy for you. To schedule an appointment, please come to 2800 Enterprise Cv, Jonesboro, AR 72401, or contact (870) 972-8190.


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